RF coax Connector solutions




Assessment: First we need to identify your application needs and then determine the Range, Configuration, Termination Style and Finish that best suits what you require.  If your in agreement, we are then going going to provide a quote and a drawing with the performance details.

Demonstration: When your satisfied that we have your needs identified, if you wish, we can arrange a sample.  Often these are available from our stock as quickly as your preferred shipping solution.

Implementation: After you place your order, we will get right to work by providing an acknowledge for our best delivery within 24hrs.  We maintain a great deal of stock and often our lead time will be quoted in the 2 to 4wk range.  Ultimately, we want you happy and satisfied with the experience so you come back for more.

Remember, we are always happy to provide a cable assembly produced at our US cable assembly facility in New England.  With the ability for quick turn, we can support all your requirements.  Call or email for a quote with your details.


If you require mechanical enhancements to standard solutions, we can often provide a proposal for a modified design within 10 days.  Once we release the production, the lead time for such a product is 6 to 8wks and it is likely that the cost will be almost identical to the standard part if your demand is more than 1,000pcs.



Increasingly, our customers are looking for environmental enhancements to their standard connectors.  Waterproofing, which we achieve through adjusting the design to allow increased use of sealing gaskets is very popular and with our ability to simulate the RF performance, we can also often maintain the performance expectations.


Optimized Performance:

Standard RF coax connectors are designed to support a diverse range of applications with a very wide bandwidth for good RF performance.  Today, with modern RF simulation software, we are able to optimize specific parts of the connector design to produce significantly better performance results in a given bandwidth.  Why not make your application better than standard!

Choose from a wide range of standard styles & configurations

your requirements Count!

Our standard RF connectors provide the answers for most applications;


ConductRF offers a very broad range of standard RF coax connectors that provide solutions for many common applications.  Our standard RF connector products are manufactured in Taiwan at our new modern facility by our team of experienced staff that has over 30 year of history producing connectors for some of the industries leading brands.  Check out our products by clicking on the links above.  Alternatively follow the process below to get going;

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