New Vita67.3 Cable Assemblies

Built with NanoRF from TE Connectivity

​Fri, Feb 8th, 2019

ConductRF is now offering Cables assemblies for VITA67.3 applications built with NanoRF Solutions from TE Connectivity who partnered with our manufacturing team in the product assembly development process.  See our new data sheet HERE 


Test & VNA Cables from

Thur. March. 21st, 2017

ConductRF's new Global Distribution agreement has been formally announced.  Premier Farnell's global distribution brands now all carry stock items on their web sites.  The product focus is Test & Measurement and more details can be found HERE.

Low Smoke/Zero Halogen Cables

Customers supporting applications like Ship Building and Internal systems for use on Ships, typically require RF cables with Low Smoke/Zero Halogen Properties.  ConductRF recently decided to emphasize this requirement with two focus products shown in the data sheets below;

Phase Stability with Temperature Change

ConductRF's new Phase/Temp Stable solutions utilize a dielectric that does not suffer from the same effect as Teflon with Temperature change.  This allows for more stable Phase in these RF cables.  

New distributor for Asia

Welcome - CRF-Tekconnect

Mon. July15th, 2019

We recently set up a new Distributor with a local team members in Taiwan to support direct shipping to Customers and Partners across Asia from our manufacturing partner operations based locally.  This allows faster and lower cost regional solutions.  Email us for more details.

More from our newest partner

Digi-Key Now Offers ConductRF Connectors and Cables

Thur. Nov 5th, 2020

ConductRF has expanded its Cable assemblies standards available through Digi-Key and now also added select Performance Connectors and RF Cables to allow customers to use the same materials and if they prefer build identical assemblies themselves to those offered by ConductRF.

Industry Standard Multi-Port Solutions

Industry standard D38999 Circular Connectors and Rectangular Combo D-Sub's offers ConductRF the ability to support customers with Custom RF Multi-Port and Mixed Signal solutions with standard materials on short lead times.

IMS 2020 Update

LA Cancelled for June 2020

Fri. May 1st, 2020

IEEE announced that the IMS 2020 show has been cancelled this year. ConductRF hopes to see you in 2021 in Atlanta, GA


Plug-in Cables for D38999 & VITA67

We know many customers want to construct their own cables and modules for both D38999 and VITA67, so to support these needs, ConductRF is pleased to offer these standards to SMA Male.  We can support other options by request.  Solutions for VITA include 67.1/2 with SMPM and 67.3 utilizing SMPS and NanoRF.

Covid19 Status

Continuing to Operate at full Capacity!

Wed.. Oct 7th, 2020

We continue to operate at full capacity and are open to support our customers with the RF needs as always.  We maintain a safe environment for our staff in all areas to accomplish this support.  A big thank you to all those heroes who make that possible.


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Questions & Answer Interview

Read Dean Gammell's Interview with EverythingRF

​Mon. Apr. 9th, 2018

Check out Dean's interview with Raghav Kapur of EvertyhingRF.  He talks about ConductRF's focus and direction in detail.

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