Precision RF Connector solutions

Cable Manufactures our Precision RF Connectors are design to support;

Remember, we are always happy to provide a cable assembly produced at our US cable assembly facility in New England.  With the ability for quick turn, we can support all your requirements.  Call or email for a quote with your details.


Whether your requirement is very small or very large, we can support you with a solution.  Once our design team has the details of your requirement, we can get to work, estimating a cost and time to produce a solution.  We may also be able to offer some inputs on options to improve or avoid obstacles to you getting exactly what you need.



Often with Precision RF Coaxial solutions, everything comes down to the RF Performance, but occasionally, we find our customers need other mechanical enhancements to suit specific applications needs.  Ruggedizing cable assemblies or connector solutions can be supported as well as the use of more exotic materials and finished for construction when required.


Optimized Performance:

Our Precision RF coaxial connectors are designed to support a diverse range of applications with a very wide bandwidth for excellent RF performance.  Today, with modern RF simulation software, we are able to optimize specific parts of the connector design to produce significantly better performance results in a given bandwidth.  Let us help make your solution the best it can be!

Contact us and let us know what configuration you need

precision makes a difference!

Some applications just need something special;


When a standard commercial product won't support your needs, ConductRF goes in to another gear with its Precision RF Coaxial Connector support.  We offer a broad range of options including 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm as well as Precision SMA, Type-N, TNC and SMP solutions for many higher performance cables from the industries leading manufacturers like Times Microwave, Harbour Industries, Insulated Wire, Semflex and more.   Call us now to get more details on what we can do for you;

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