Hi-Freq. Flex Jumper Cables 

Flexible solutions with 1.85mm, 2.4mm & 2.92mm connectors operating to 67GHz 

System/Cabinet Flexible Cables

With our super R/A, users don't have to give up anything for configuration need.

Low PIM Jumper superflex 1/2"

Built with 1/2" Superflex Cable using the latest Low PIM Connector Solutions including 4.3/10 and more

Low PIM Plenum 0.141" Flex

For in-building wireless applications.  Ideal for antenna hook up's.

Performance solutions

ConductRF has a wide range of "Performance" related solutions built and 100% tested up to 70GHz at our own facility.  If your solution requirers Low Loss or VSWR, or if you have ruggedization or waterproofing needs, we see this as a performance solution which requires expertise to create a finished product solution for you. 

Flexible RF Cable Solutions

Often the most common and available of solutions, ConductRF RG & LMR Style cable assemblies are optimized for performance & cost with broad standard features and defined VSWR & Insertion Loss.  When have our own connector solutions, but if you want us to use specified products and cables, just let us know.

Low PIM Solutions. 

By utilizing Conduct RF for your Low PIM Cable Assembly needs, you are assured of receiving a product that has been built by our team of experienced assemblers and then validated through our 100% PIM test capabilities.  With testing capabilities for PIM at 700MHz and 1900MHz, ConductRF can offer you the assurances you need to install with confidence.

ConductRF Low PIM solutions are also available with iBwave VEX files.  Click Here 

 Low PIM Solution Guide: Click Here

Low Loss, Hi Flex, Wide Bandwidth:

Whatever your specific need in an RF Cable, let us know.  We can provide optimized performance solutions to meet your specific requirements, often at no extra cost to a standard option.

Phase Matching & More;

Our experienced assembly technicians are skilled in many performance related aspects, Phase Matching to exacting requirements being one of these.  Our unique and proprietary processing equipment & procedures allows us to meet our customers exacting standards with flexible cable.  Download our advice data sheet Here..

Hi-Frequency Testing;

ConductRF offers solutions with 100% serialization and data plots on many of our high frequency products up to 110GHz.

LMR Standards

Many options using Times Microwave LMR Cable.  Low loss, high power, DC to 6GHz

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Low PIM cable Solutions

HI-Freq. Semi-FLEXIFORM Cables

Semi-"FlexiForm" cables are formable & Flexible with options for 0.047", 0.085" and 0.141" Cable

Performance System Cables

RF Coaxial Cable assembly solutions

Low PIM Plenum SPP-250-LLPL

For in-building wireless.  No1 Choice for installers with lots of connector options.

Hand Form 

ConductRF Hand Formable cables are available with 0.047", 0.086" and 0.141".  We offer jacketed and unjacketed version of these cables with a wide array of standard connector configurations

Low PIM Formable

0.141" Formable

For applications where hand forming of cable facilitates installation and avoids natural spring of coiled cable.

Formed Solutions (conformable & Semi-rigid)

Complex formed Semi-Rigid and Hand Formable Tin soaked braided cable solutions are something we build every day.  Phase Matched sets and Phase/Temp Matched sets are available with standard & custom connectors.

 ConductRF Performance Assembly Guide : Click Here


Our Phase/Temp cables Provide solutions for when Phase change with Teflon Dielectrics just won't work in your applications.  Options up to 60GHz

Low PIM Solutions Built with expertise and validated through 100% testing.