Higher Power RF Cables

ConductRF's new POWeRUN  cables provide a rugged solution for applications up to 18GHz with two Cable Diameter Solutions.  WSA74 solutions can support 18GHz applications with up to 170W and WSA84 can support all the way to 345W.

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New product notice

Site-Flex RF Field Test Cables

Fri. Oct 7th, 2016

ConductRF's rugged & armored RF test cables for Field applications has been launched under our range name of Site-Flex.  These cables are directly capable with Hand Held OEM analyzers, but with higher performance, enhanced ruggedizing and a low cost.  Click Here to see more.

Phase Stability with Temperature Change

ConductRF's new Phase/Temp Stable solutions utilize a dielectric that does not suffer from the same effect as Teflon with Temperature change.  This allows for more stable Phase in these RF cables.  

New Vita67.3 Cable Assemblies

Built with NanoRF from TE Connectivity

​Fri, Feb 8th, 2019

ConductRF is now offering Cables assemblies for VITA67.3 applications built with NanoRF Solutions from TE Connectivity who partnered with our manufacturing team in the product assembly development process.  See our new data sheet HERE 


Test & VNA Cables from

Thur. March. 21st, 2017

ConductRF's new Global Distribution agreement has been formally announced.  Premier Farnell's global distribution brands now all carry stock items on their web sites.  The product focus is Test & Measurement and more details can be found HERE.

New Partner in israel

Nisko Technologies of Israel Joins the Team

Aug. May. 30th, 2017

Nisko Technologies of Israel has joined the ConductRF team to both Represent and as required by local customers distribute both standard and custom solution on our behalf.

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New product notice

TESTeCON DC to 18GHz Low Cost Test Cables

Fri. Nov. 11th, 2016

ConductRF's new Low Cost TESTeCON range of products includes its new TSA90 series of cables.  With a Hi-Flexibility, Phase Stable Cable, these solutions for SMA and Type-N are ideal for most standard applications.   Click Here to see more.

38999 Multi-Port to 60GHz

Industry standard D38999 Circular Connector now offers ConductRF the ability to support customers with various RF Multi-Port and Mixed Signal solutions. For maximum RF capacity we can offer 8 x BMA Connectors operating up to 22GHz or 19 x SMPM which operate up to 65GHz. 

Questions & Answer Interview

Read Dean Gammell's Interview with EverythingRF

​Mon. Apr. 9th, 2018

Check out Dean's interview with Raghav Kapur of EvertyhingRF.  He talks about ConductRF's focus and direction in detail.

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