Multiport RF Solutions

Applications requiring Multiport RF or mixed technology combined interfaces and becoming for common across all markets.  

Low PIM Cable Solutions

PJA - Superflex Jumper Assemblies

PLA - Plenum In-Building Solutions

PN - Antenna Hookup Assemblies

FMP Formable Hookup Assemblies

Low PIM Analyzer Test Cables

Low PIM Connectors & Adapters

Low PIM Direct Solder Connectors

Low PIM RF Adapters

DAS Network designers can go to iBwave and download our VEX file at this link to import our solutions in to your own library. iBWave Download

Phase Stablility

ConductRF has multiple cable solutions for Phase Stability including options for Phase Stability over Temperature Change.
Both Phase & Amplitude stability are critical is obtaining good RF performance and we pride ourselves on the excellence of these solutions.

Phase Stable Test Cable Solutions

TSA80  - DC to 18/27GHz for Lab Test

TSX90 - Phase Stable/Temperature

VNA Test Cables Options

PFW8x - 50, 70GHz Hi-Flex VNA Cables

PFT - .086"/.141" Phase/Temp Cables

Phase Matching

Our Phase Matching skills and proprietary procedures are some of the best in the industry and allow us to build assemblies in both  flexible and semi-rigid styles to 0.5Deg per GHz or better.

Low PIM Solutions

Knowing what causes PIM is the first step in avoiding PIM issues.  Download our  PIM advice  HERE

Application Solutions

Rugged & Armored Cable

ConductRF support a number of solutions for enhancing cable assemblies with extra ruggedization or crush resistant armor.  Check out our quick and easy check list HERE.

Probe Testing

ConductRF recently introduced new SMA Probe Tip Solutions that support applications up to 20GHz.  These are excellent for many strip-line testing applications.  Download our product overview for more detail.

ConductRF has various existing solutions available.  We partnered with TE Connectivity to support assemblies using their VPX Module System with NanoRF Coax Contacts.  

We also support Multi-Port Solutions with Standard D38999 Circular Connectors with frequencies up to 60GHz.  Download our advice HERE

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Low Loss Solutions

ConductRF offers several standard solutions for Low Loss applications for Test and System applications. 

Low Loss Test Cable Solutions

TSA74 - Low Loss Lab Test Cables

TSA29 - Phase/Temp Test Cables

Low Loss System Solutions

LSA - Dbl Shld, Flexible System Jumpers

LST - DC to 27GHz Flex Solutions

LMR - DC to 6GHz Jumper Solutions

We also maintain stock of various Low Loss Cables that can accommodate configurations including Type-N, SMA, 3.5MM, 2.92MM and more.

​ConductRF also offers a wide range of RF Test Cables suitable for Probe testing, but we recommend our TSX90 Series for applications up to 27GHz and our Hi-Flex VNA PFW8x Series for applications up to 70GHz. 

NMD Port Savers

VNA Systems are very expensive pieces of equipment.  To save test ports, ConductRF can provide NMD Port Saver Adapters for In Series and Between Series for Type-N to 1.85mm Ports.  Download our complete offering to review your needs.

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